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Frustrated with binance account? Looking for step by step guide to delete binance account? Here is the guide to delete binance account. In this guide, you will also get to know how to delete binance account and delete all your personal information.

As Binance is currently not available in the United States. From the US, you can use Binance’s partner site, Binance.US, which uses same exchange from Binance, but its product selection and the number of trading pairs offered is limited compared with

Many users have reported hiccups in binance account verification as well. KYC issues, approvals and withdrawals are some of the cons of using binance account.

Step by Step guide to delete Binance Account

1. Login to Binance Exchange

delete binance account

2. Go to Security

security setting in binance account

3. Scroll down to find Account Activity 

Account activity setting in binance account

4. Click on Disable account

disable binance account

Click on disable account.

Note – Disabling Your Account will result in following

  • Disable Your Account
  • All trading capacities and login for your account will be disabled.
  • All API keys for your account will be deleted.
  • All pending withdrawals will be canceled
  • All devices for your account will be deleted.
Once your account is disabled, you will not be able to begin the reactivation process until at least two hours have passed.
Note – This will not delete your binance account but just disable your binance account.

Deleting Binance account is permanent and irreversible. We highly recommend binance platform it is No. 1 exchange when it comes to buying and selling your crypto.

But in case you think you are good with coinbase, but it’s always worth having a backup exchange so that if coinbase gets hacked or if your account is hacked, you have another exchange where you would have stored your funds.

If you are tech freak, we always recommend using Hardware wallets for storing your crypto currencies as warm wallets are subject to hacking and attacks.

FAQs for Binance

1. How to Contact Binance Support

There are a few ways to contact customer support and get help; via Twitter @BinanceHelpDeskBinance Chat and you can always check out their Help Center for FAQ. Compared to some crypto platforms their response times via chat are super fast.

2. Best Binance sign-up offer?

When signing up to Binance, you will receive a 20% kickback commission. Once entered, you will see a grey box confirming a commission kickback rate of 20%.

3. What happens when I disable my Binance account?

Once your account is disabled, you will not be unable to begin the reactivation process until at least two hours have passed. After two hours, you will be able to reactivate your account and start trading crypto again.