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I was trying to keep track of so many different binders, sheets of paper, excel spreadsheets, and bank receipts; it was a nightmare. Where everyone else offers bulky, bloated, and overpriced products, Trustbooks is sleek, efficient, and reasonably priced. law firm bookkeeping LeanLaw’s pricing is $28 per user per month when paid annually, or $35 per user per month when paid monthly, making it one of the most cost-effective options on our list. Get a demo today and learn how AltFee can make a difference in your law firm.

  • This best legal accounting software roundup covers everything from the best small law firm accounting software to premium law office accounting software for larger companies.
  • PCLaw is an all-in-one accounting software for law firm use, suitable for large companies with more advanced needs.
  • In that case, you can also generate pay runs with the click of a button, for better efficiency.
  • Because it is part of the LexisNexus suite of products, there are numerous ways to integrate PCLaw with other vital practice management applications.
  • In this section, we’ll take a quick look at how the top 10 legal accounting software solutions compare against each other in terms of pricing.
  • And businesses of all shapes and sizes need to perform general bookkeeping functions and track their finances.

It has a neat Accounting Export feature that lets you export time entries to other accounting software. FreshBooks Select is a custom plan built to save time and money, and ensure your growing legal business has the accounting solution it needs. Easily integrate your FreshBooks accounting system with other apps and partners to simplify things like time management, payroll, and scheduling software. When you know exactly where your law firm’s money is, it’s easier to identify what parts of your firm are successful and where you’re struggling, to make more informed and strategic business decisions. When you need to manage client and matter-specific level data that is required by your firm’s workflows, it’s best to use a system that has a client portal — such as Clio and PC Law. In this
4-hour course, we outline our start to finish process for trust accounting in Clio, plus provide tips and best practices for working efficiently and staying organized.


Also, since QuickBooks will have access to all your financial records, it can also help you forecast your cash flow for up to 90 days so that you can easily plan ahead. If you want to learn more about this popular accounting tool, all of this and more was explored in-depth in our QuickBooks review. Using QuickBook’s mileage tracking is super simple – just connect it to your smartphone’s GPS and track the trip — similar to using employee tracking software. If you’re not a fan of automated tracking, you can also add trips manually. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to classify trips as personal or business to help with accurately calculating monthly expenses. This feature comes with a separate dashboard where you’ll have a copy of the expense receipt along with additional details such as subject, date, amount, and employee name.

Customizable dashboards and reports let you visualize and hone in on the areas that matter most to you. A clear and comprehensive view of your firm’s performance is vital to making meaningful long-term decisions. Another perk of the software is that it seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks Online if you’re already using this software for your accounting and bookkeeping needs.

Reasons to Move Your Law Firm to a Private Cloud

It includes lightweight practice management (clients, cases and calendars), coupled with robust time tracking, billing and accounting (including robust financial reporting). While PCLaw is thought of as law practice management software, accounting is deeply embedded into the product. PCLaw is a great all-in-one legal accounting software solution that can handle bookkeeping and accounting for law firms large or small. It even uses Legal Electronic Data Exchange (LEDES) codes to simplify billing. QuickBooks is one of the most widely used legal accounting software options across all industries.

  • However, it does lack a feature that you need to consider before getting started.
  • This cloud-based solution can save your lawyers time, improve your firm’s profitability, and keep your finances compliant.
  • Even practice-specific software such as patent accounting or collections services can integrate with law firm accounting software to make a streamlined user experience for attorneys.
  • For example, CosmoLex’s credit card processor, CosmoLexPay, automatically pulls fees for online payments from a designated legal account instead of from the client account.
  • They can even use the accounting software to send automatic late payment reminders to past-due clients to help clients stay on track with payments throughout their matter.

If you’re compensating your employees (or the client is compensating you) for all your traveling, it becomes crucial to track the distance accurately. Small and growing law firms will love that Xero allows you to onboard unlimited users no matter your plan — company-wide accounting has never been more cost-effective. 24/7 support, straightforward budgeting, and configurable reports further enhance the overall experience. Zoho Books is undoubtedly the best free accounting software, and you’ll enjoy invoice customization, bank reconciliation, and mileage tracking, among others, for free, all of which are premium features with other tools. For day-to-day accounting, NetSuite lets you maintain a general ledger where you can record your transactions along with complementary details such as transaction number, summary, and currency.

Aderant Review – by Uptime Legal

Part of the reason attorneys prefer using specialized accounting software is the high return on investment due to the numerous benefits. Onboard, pay, and create tax documents for contractors in 80+ countries, all for a low monthly fee. Plus, Gusto’s easy-to-use software means payroll takes only minutes to complete.

TrustBooks is unique in that it’s stand-alone software for Trust Accounting. Many law firms use QuickBooks for their core accounting, but acknowledge that QuickBooks does not follow the rigid Trust Accounting rules. (Some law firms try anyway, or worse yet, use an Excel spreadsheet to manage trust accounts).

And because they’re tax compliant, you can feel confident they’ll keep your books organized and prepared for tax filing. For example, in Xero, you can easily edit the layouts of your financial reports to prioritize what’s most relevant for your firm. It rеducеs thе risk of еrrors causеd by manual data еntry, еnhancеs collaboration among tеam mеmbеrs,  and optimizеs ovеrall productivity. Additionally, intеgratеd systеms еnsurе that rеlеvant data is rеadily availablе in onе cеntral location, facilitating bеttеr dеcision-making and financial analysis. Although there’s no free plan, Freshbooks is a complete powerhouse as it comes integrated with industry giants such as PayPal, Basecamp, WordPress, and MailChimp, amongst ample others. Device compatibility is superb too, and you’ll have free Android and iOS apps to use Freshbooks on the go.

We’ll walk you through thе kеy factors you need to keep in mind to help you choosе thе idеal lеgal accounting softwarе for your firm. While tracking, you can also divide the time into smaller slots of 6 or 15 minutes. This feature will come in handy if you have two different professionals with different hourly rates working on the same project. Once the time is tracked and the expense calculated, you can directly attach receipts to each entry so that it can be added to your client’s invoice. Turbotax also prides itself in providing accurate filings and promises that if a mistake is made due to their negligence and you’re asked to pay a penalty by the IRS, you’ll be compensated for the entire fine. What’s more, Turbotax is completely free, to begin with, and you only shell out an amount (which will depend on your availed services) when you file your taxes.

Terms, conditions, pricing, features, service and support are subject to change without notice. Manage them based on your state’s specific rules within your Chart of Accounts. Trustbooks has helped simplify what was an incredibly complicated, frustrating, and time-consuming part of my practice.

law firm bookkeeping software