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What is Enjin?

What is Enjin Coin

Enjin is a smart gaming cryptocurrency platform powered by a suite of tools that enable game developers to explore a new frontier in gaming blockchain.

Basically it enables gamers and developers to develop platforms onto enjin platform. Developers can integrate in-app coin functionality and much more.

Gamers can take advantage of this coins from in-game and even sell it in secondary market making sure that their game efforts have value.

Launched in 2009, Enjin is the largest gaming community creation platform online with over 250,000 gaming communities across thousands of games. They also have 18.7 million registered gamers. Almost 60M global views per month!

About Enjin Coin

Official Website –

Total Market Cap – 2.2 Billion (as of Jan 2022)

Enjin Coin Whitepaper –

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How Enjin works

First Game developers acquire a certain amount of Enjin coin through an official partnership crowdfunding or a crypto currency exchange.

Second, developers can then use Enjin platform and sdks to create more mint inside their blockchain based gaming items.

These can be anything from a blended items like custom in-game currencies, generic loot and mineable resources to NFTs! of the game.

Once the game is released by developers. Gamers can complete quests and challenges. Gamers will be rewarded with Enjin coins inside the games.

Gamers can also use engine coin to securely purchase blockchain items from in-game stores or trade with other Gamers.

Every transaction whether it’s trading purchasing or selling items has to be confirmed by the gamer via the Enjin wallet.

In case they’re unable to sell coins, gamers can melt their virtual items or Enjin tokens back into Enjin eco-system.

This gives the gamers assurance knowing their game, items will always, hold some value, melting is a huge value proposition for gamers, making them more likely to purchase virtual items.

Benefits of Enjin

One of the key reasons why a company would want to integrate engine digital assets into their gaming platform is that it offers actual return on investment players used to spend hours creating their characters.

These characters would be sent to Oblivion once the game was completed.

These users can now be compensated for their contributions. Build up your character and profit by selling or trading it on the market.

Enjin allows for the integration of a wide range of coins – Bitcoin, Litecoin and others that may be used by developers to seamlessly integrate these currencies into their digital environments.

Enjin streamlines the entire payment procedure developers may now charged for features using Bitcoin, instead of going through FIAT and delays of adding FIAT payment

Enjin cuts out the middleman allowing developers to offer additional options to their customers.

Enjine fees are made up of a percentage of network fees Marketplace, commission’s, cross chain, bridging tools, and smart contract fees.

Among other things, when you stake your Enjin. You agree to lock it in a Smart contract for a specific amount of time.

For your staking portion, you will be rewarded with enjin cryptocurrency. These tokens are determined on the number of tokens you have staked and time of staking.

What makes Enjin unique?

Enjin is toolkit to help game developers integrate blockchain gaming into their games and for NFTs.

The minting panel allows you to create and manage fungible and non fungible tokens.

Another feature for game developers is the ability to earn automated revenue enabling game developers to automatically get paid when players trade engine minted digital assets, that could be quite a lot of revenue when you consider that there are over 38,000 Traders on the marketplace, with over half a million digital assets.

There are software development kits which makes it easier for game developers to integrate engine into their game.

Engin also has wallet which supports major cryptos, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dojecoin.

It also supports every ERC20 as well as ERC 721 and ERC 1155.

How and Where to buy Enjin Coin ?

You can buy Enjin Coin from following trusted exchanges:





Enjin Coin Conclusion

With a solid team and adoption, Enjin is solving a problem in real world and we think this coin is highly undervalued when it comes to gaming industry on Blockchain.

Again, This is not a financial advice. Please talk to you financial advisor before making any decisions.

This was all about Enjin Coin. We hope you liked the guide and let us know your thoughts on Enjin Coin in the comment section below.