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Looking for guides to delete coinbase account? Here we present you guide to delete coinbase account. Please note that coinbase Pro is separate from, but they share many of the same account settings and profile information.

So if you want to close either one, check settings before closing the specific type of account.

Coinbase Pro targets further advanced brokers, who we trust will carry volume to the trade. Coinbase is intended for retail clients, and spotlights on giving the easiest purchasing experience.

Step by Step guide to delete Coinbase account

1. Login to coinbase account

coinbase account

2. Go to your Profile and click on Settings profile

3. Go to Privacy privacy

4. Click Account Deletion account deletion

Check all boxes and click on send request

Once you send the request, you will get this popup: account deletion

Note: Please note that deleting your account will ultimately delete your Coinbase Pro account as well.

Once you do above process, you will get coinbase email like this account deletion

FAQs related to deleting Coinbase account

Does Coinbase retain my email address after I close my account?

Coinbase will retain some of your personal information for a minimum of five years or as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, prevent fraud, or resolve disputes, as outlined in the Coinbase Privacy Policy.

What assets are available on Coinbase Pro?

Please see the available assets here.


This is how you delete coinbase account.

For any reason, if you are unhappy, you can move to other trusted exchanges like Binance, FTX and more.

Hope you found the guide to delete coinbase account useful. Let us know if you have any doubts in the comment section below.